Past events

2022: Bramham Park Estate

Apex returned after two years away and it was so good to welcome teams back to Bramham Park in West Yorkshire.

The event was a celebration of 20 years since the Apex Challenge started but was also our final event before we decided to rest the event.

Winners' Hall of Fame

Look back at all the winners from our 29 events – the teams who went away with the honour of winning one of Scouting’s biggest and toughest adventure competitions. 

JCH Award Winners

As well as those teams which won the Apex Challenge, another special award was awarded to teams who competed in a particularly inspiring way. It was awarded in memory of a John C Hall who inspired the team that created the Apex Challenge.

Previous event locations

Browse this map to see every location which hosted the Apex Challenge during its 20 years of adventures.

20 years of creating unforgettable weekends of Scouting adventures.

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Apex Challenge organised events for the Scout Association between 2002 and 2022, following its rules and guidelines and was a registered charity.