Spring 2016 event

9-10 April 2016
Temple Newsam
West Yorkshire

It was a brand new location for the Apex Challenge as our first competition of 2016 took us to West Yorkshire’s Temple Newsam park in Leeds.

The event also saw the return of some of our best-loved activities with teams taking to water in canoes, crawling through a cave bus and careering down a hill in grass sledges, all under cover of darkness.



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Event report

With the muddiest tunnel in Apex history, a dozen tough challenges and a brand new area – our 25th Apex Challenge event proved once again to be an unforgettable weekend.

Hundreds of keen adventurers joined us at Temple Newsam for this overnight adventure challenge where the icy night, and sunny morning proved a great backdrop for the event.

Whether the teams were groveling through the adventure caving bus, testing their target skills at the archery, or pushing their team bonding to the limit at the skill games, the teams all took part with impressive teamwork and positivity.

But it wasn’t just about the activities – teams were also hunting for the escaped giant owl, while trying to hide from our teams of highly skilled chasers who were desperate to track the competitors down and steal points away.

By the time the sun rose on Sunday morning, hundreds of tired pairs of feet were emerging from tents into the Leeds sunshine, and soon the automated results presentation was swinging into action.

Whether teams were leaving with an armful of prizes, or just a weekend full of memories – it was another great adventure, provided by one of the best teams going. Huge thanks to the ever-growing team of volunteers who made it happen. It’s an honour to be p[art of such an amazing team.

Here’s the full line-up of activities that were running right through the night:

A: Cave Bus

Groveling through the network of tunnels to find the punch.

B: Touchdown

Get into full American Football action to test your skills on and off the ball.

C: Deep In The Woods

A tough challenge in the most remote part of the playing area. Did you team have the skills to fire those balls straight to the targets?

D: Child’s Play

An adventure version of a kid’s playground – where tactics and a steady hand were as important as physical ability.

E: Plumbing New Depths

That network of pipes needed skill to plumb correctly – and only when enough water was in the system could the punch be released.

F: On Target

Always one of our most popular activities where you unleash your inner Robin Hood at this archery challenge.

G: Supersledge

Racing down the hill in a grass sledge is only the start. You needed a great aim to pop the balloons to get full points.

H: Elektro Shocker!

How steady is your hand? This giant-sized electric game needed teamwork and a clear head to succeed.

J: Ultimate Trail

The muddiest of all our obstacles. The trail took you through tunnels, over neds and up a near vertical muddy bank before leading you to the crucial 50 points.

K: On Track

The furthest activity base was worth the walk – with a tough challenge involving unexploded bombs, and unexpected bangs.

L: Hotshot

It needed nerves of steel and a steady hand to make sure your rifle shots hit their target for full marks.

M: Strike!

Giant bowling – Apex style. Did your team manage to knock them all over in the allotted time to strike your way to 50 points?

Team simulation

Using real-time data from the electronic tags carried by each team , this video shows the ‘as the crow flies’ route taken by each team.

Each dot represents one team. The speed of movement is the average time taken by a team between each pair of locations.

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