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Finishing On A High

It’s all been about the adventure. Two decades of unforgettable weekends where thousands of us have got together to test and challenge ourselves in amazing locations.

However, the 2022 event will be the final Apex Challenge competition.



Autumn 2022

our final event

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Team simulation

Using real-time data from the electronic tags carried by each team, this video shows the ‘as the crow flies’ route taken by each team.

Each dot represents one team. The speed of movement is the average time taken by a team between each pair of locations.

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You’ll remember the mud but there was so much more to this weekend than just a wet field!

Bramham Park

Some fairly intense weather greeted us at the start of what became an unforgettable weekend.

Peak District

If this event will be remembered for anything it will be the particularly tough Adventure Race on Sunday morning.

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20 years of creating unforgettable weekends of Scouting adventures.

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