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What a weekend!

So we may all be exhausted, wet and pretty smelly after our night in the forest, but once again the Apex Challenge has been a huge success. Thanks to everyone who took part, and everyone behind the scenes who made it all happen.

Massive congratulations to Ice Bank Mice Elf from Endurance ESU in Leicestershire and Hoof Arted from Coventry Network who won the Explorer and Network competitions respectively, but also to everyone who entered and completed the event with such great enthusiasm.

We were particularly impressed with the vision, commitment and sheer determination of our special projects team who built and managed the spectacular Apex Mountain and won the prestigious JCH Award for Outstanding Achievement. They worked for almost 12 hours constructing the mountain, finishing with just seconds to spare before the first teams were due to cross it. Never before have we had such a dramatic start for teams setting off on the event.

You can now see the full results and detailed event report our website, as well as hundreds of photos taken throughout the competition by our event photographer. An event video will be uploaded to the site shortly.

So thanks again for being part of the Apex Challenge, and we look forward to seeing again at our next event

in October!

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