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“Wear it Out” competition returns!

Over the next few months we want to see where you’ve been wearing your bright pink Apex Challenge t-shirts – and wearing yours in an unusual or extreme place could earn you a top prize.

Almost every competitor and many of the helpers at this year’s two Apex Challenge events took home one of the eye-catching pink 2013 t-shirts, and many are now being worn across the UK and beyond.

We’ve heard about them being spotted at major UK camps, on European city breaks and even on mountain expeditions in the Himalayas.

So where have you been wearing yours, or where could you take it next?

Send us your pictures of your wearing your Apex Challenge 2013 T-shirt in an unusual, extreme or interesting place and we’ll add it to our online gallery. At the end of the year we’ll get a panel of top judges to decide who’s the winner – and that person will receive a top prize.

You can email your pictures to us or add them to our Facebook gallery at:

If you weren’t able to get your own t-shirt at the last event, you will still be able to buy them for just £7 at our next event in October. But if you can’t wait until then, you can have one sent directly to you within days for just £7 + £2 P+P – email us for details.

So get packing the pink shirts, and wearing them on your travels. We look forward to seeing where your adventures have taken you!

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