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Volunteers needed for new Apex app

At the Apex Challenge we’ve always used the latest technology to control and enhance our adventure events, but now we’re taking it to the next level and we’d like you to help us. Our team has spent the last few months developing an exclusive new Apex app for smartphones to run Apex Challenge events.

The eventual plan is to replace the current electronic tag and control box system with this new system for all major phone platforms – but we’re now at the stage where we’d like to trial this new app at this forthcoming event, and we’d like you to be part of it.
We’re looking for some teams who’d like to test the new smartphone app for us, as well as collecting their Apex points in the usual way. There will not be any advantage or disadvantage in the event if you take part in the trial, but you’ll be contributing to the development of a brand new smartphone scoring system for adventure events. And you can say you were there first!
To take part in the trial…
  • One member of your team will need a smartphone which runs the Android operating system
  • You’ll need to bring a mains charger to ensure your handset is full of juice before the event starts!
  • You’ll be happy to download our software to your phone.
  • You’ll want to be part of the future of Apex adventure technology!
If you’d like your team to be one of those trialling the new AdventureApp, please email us by 8:00pm on Tuesday 27th September and we’ll be back in touch with more details.

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