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Trying to picture this weekend’s event

With just three days left until around 400 adventurers descend on Sherwood Pines Forest Park for the first of this year’s Apex Challenge competitions, we imagine anyone who is coming is starting to think about what the weekend might have in store and how the event might look.

Well here at Apex HQ we’re also trying to imagine how the event will look when everyone arrives on Saturday. We know that, as with all Apex Challenge competitions, it’s all about the adventure and the thrilling challenges that teams will be tackling through the night.

However looking at some of the team names you’ve been choosing this year it looks like a fair few people might be planning some interesting outfits for part of the weekend. Is your team one of them? We’ve tried to pick out a few of the teams in this montage – how many can you spot?!

But whatever you’ll be wearing this weekend, make sure you’ve got everything you need for the event. Take a look at the official Kit List – for all of the equipment you need to have with
you for your night in the forest. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday! 

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