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The Apex cheque race is now on


There are more teams registered for April’s Apex Overnight Challenge than there are places available so the race is now on to get the cheques sent on to us. The first 70 teams to pay will be guaranteed a place in the competition but there are currently just 24 more places available with more than 30 unconfirmed teams.

Registering a team to take part in the Apex Challenge does not guarantee your team a place in the competition. All it does is register your interest. The only way to make sure of your team’s place is to send a cheque to us to cover your entry fee and any T-shirts which your team wants to pre-order. It’s £50 per team plus £5 for each T-shirt. This cheque needs to be sent to Apex Challenge Entries, 6 Martindale Drive, Bramley, Leeds, LS13 2HB. To be fair to all teams the only way we can confirm your place in the event is to wait for your cheque to arrive through the letterbox.

If your team is currently listed on the Provisional Team List page it means you are still unconfirmed. Only once your cheque has been received will you be moved onto the Confirmed Team List page, indicating that your place in the event is now safe.

Please do not call or email to explain that your cheque is in the post as we are unable to confirm any entries until the cheque has arrived.

If you haven’t entered your team yet, there could still be chance to do it. Just fill in your details on the online entry form and send off your cheque straight away and you may well beat the others to those final few places.

As with everything at Apex – speed is the key!

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