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Spring 2006 event results now online

It was great to see so many teams returning to Sherwood Pines for the Spring 2006 Apex Overnight Challenge event.

Well over 60 of them completed what is one of the country’s toughest challenges and it was fantastic to see everyone in action. From the scores of Explorers zooming down the zip-line, to all the Network teams giggling at the bouncy castle, it was clear there was so much more to this than just collecting points.

We hope everyone enjoyed all the activities from the adventurous abseil at the ‘Virtual Caving’, to the water wars at the ‘Wet Wanging’ base. And well done to those who avoided capture by our highly skilled teams of chasers who spent the whole night trying desperately to track them down.

To those who made it along to the weekend, and those who didn’t manage to get to Nottinghamshire for it, keep an eye out for more details about our next event – the All New Apex Extreme which is being held in Derbyshire’s Peak District in October. It will combine all the best elements of a regular Apex Challenge but spread over a full weekend with added survival challenges thrown in. It’s definitely not one to be missed.

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