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New twist planned for this weekend

There’s just one day left before the first of this year’s Apex Challenge events. We’re already on our way to start setting up for when almost 500 people start arriving tomorrow and we’re really excited to tell you about a brand new twist for this year’s event.

If you’ve been to one of our competitions before you’ll know you’ve got six hours to collect as many points as you can by completing activities and finding other control points, all the time hiding from the Apex chasers who are trying to steal your points.

This year you’ll be able to get DOUBLE points by visiting some new control points. It means you’ll have to think more carefully about how you plan your route and what order you visit different bases and controls. We’ll give you more details at the event briefing on Saturday night.

Good luck with all your packing for this weekend. You’ll need warm clothes – the forecast says it could be chilly overnight. And don’t forget some cash if you want to buy any of the exclusive items in the new Apex AdventureStore.

Keep checking our Facebook and Twitter pages too. We’ll be sending updates and pictures while we’re setting up!

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