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New blog launched

A brand new Apex Challenge blog has just been launched and is now available on the event website.

We’ve introduced the blog to replace the old news section of the site. The revamp should make it much easier for us to publish the very latest event news as quickly as possible. Any of the Apex Team can contribute to the blog at any time.

The blog is also set up so you can leave comments on any of our stories as well and it’ll be great to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing in the run up to each of our events.

We’ve copied across to the new blog all our old news articles so you can still look back through them and see what happened at previous events. But because the new system is much quicker to update we’re hoping to be able to put loads more quick updates on the blog than we could manage with the previous news articles.

Over the past few days we’ve been testing the blog out as we wanted to get it online as fast as we could. There’ll be slight tweaks to it here and there over the next few days and weeks and if you have any ideas how you think it could be improved please leave us a comment and tell us!

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