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Keep your details up to date


It’s now possible for you to log in to the Apex website and keep your team details up to date with any changes between now and the next event.

When you registered to take part in the competition you were asked to create a password. This would have been emailed to you and all the other team members whose email addresses were included in your team’s details when you entered.

It’s really important that all your team’s details (including your names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers) are kept up to date between now and the event in case we need to get in touch with you. It’s also those details which we’ll be using during the weekend too. If there are any changes or you notice anything is wrong, then please go to the Team List page, click on your team, enter your password and click the Edit Team Details button. You can then make your changes.

If you lose or forget your password then there are also links to get a new password which will be sent to you and the rest of your team. If you didn’t get the initial password, it may be because your email address wasn’t give to us. In that case, ask whoever entered your team for the password.

Why not take a look now? Make sure everything is right and if not, get to work making the changes. Unfortunately it’s not possible to change your T-shirt order and around a week before the event we’ll also lock all the team names from being changed as well so make sure your team name is finalised by then too!

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