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This weekend’s Apex Challenge event is going to be pretty exhausting! We’ve just been looking through the list of activities and we reckon you’re going to need plenty of energy for the three days. Thankfully our Apex Cafe team are up to the challenge and are planning a menu that should keep you well fed throughout the weekend.

Once you’ve arrived on Friday evening we’ll get the pizzas on as an extra snack to keep you going through the evening.

You’ll wake up on Saturday morning to a delicious bacon or sausage sandwich served in a fresh bread roll which should set you up for a busy day of activities. When you return in the evening there’ll be a selection of meat or vegetarian pies and pasties served with new potatoes and mushy peas followed by a dessert of fruit pie, yogurts or swiss roll (can you manage an entire swiss roll?!)

Then on Sunday morning we’re going continental with chocolate croissants and cereal for breakfast and in the afternoon, once you’ve taken on the challenge of the legendary Apex assault course you can relax around the Apex BBQ.

And all through the weekend we’ve got an endless supply of hot and cold drinks and there’s water to top up your bottles as well.

Don’t forget you’ll need a packed lunch for Saturday and plenty of snacks in case you get hungry while you’re away from Event Centre. Bring some loose change too. There’s a shop on site selling some snacks and you never know when you might come across an ice cream van or a sweet shop when you’re out and about!

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