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Extreme T-shirt wearing challenge

If you’re the proud owner of one of the exclusive 2005 Apex Challenge T-shirts then you’ve got everything you need to take part in this year’s Extreme T-Shirt Wearing Competition.

The idea’s very simple. Wear you Apex Challenge T-shirt in the most impressive place you can think of. Take a photo of yourself and email it to us. The most impressive photo by the closing date – just before the May 2006 Overnight Challenge – will win a fantastic prize.

We’ll put examples of the ones you’ve sent in on the website as they arrive.

Maybe you’ll snap yourself wearing it on holiday somewhere hot with an impressive landmark in the background, or perhaps you’ll get yourself in a picture with a celebrity wearing it. Or how about putting it on for the end of an adventure trip scrambling up a huge mountain. It’s up to you.

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