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Bear Grylls invited to Apex Extreme

He’s only been the country’s new Chief Scout for a matter of weeks but we think the best way for Bear Grylls to see Explorer and Network Scout events at their best would be to join us for this year’s Apex Extreme. That’s why we’ve writted to invite him to our forthcoming event being held on the weekend of 2nd – 4th October on Ilkley Moor.

The Apex Challenge has become renowned across the country for being a tough contest packed with activities and challenges designed to test those taking part to the limit. It’s so popular we get teams travelling from right across the country and now we’re hoping Bear Grylls will be able to see for himself what they achieve when they take part in our three-day event each Autumn.

As soon as we know whether he’ll be able to make it you’ll be the first to hear!

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