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Avoid those post-Apex blues!

So now all the excitement of the Apex Challenge has passed, how are you feeling? A bit down and deflated? Missing the adventure? Well there’s plenty of ways of reliving the drama of the weekend on the Apex Challenge website, while starting to plan for what’s ahead…

Analyse your results
So how did your score come about? Check out your individual results which show exactly where you went and when. Have a look at the times to see where you could have been that bit faster, but also check out the teams who came either side of you. It might be worth having a sneaky look at those teams who came top – maybe you could steal some ideas and tactics for next time!
Track down your friends
With more than three hundred photos now in the official Apex Overnight Challenge photo album, it’s worth having a look to see how many times you and your mates were snapped by our photographers. We’re already planning which ones will make it onto our giant banners for next time!
Find us on Facebook
The Apex Challenge page on Facebook is packed with new comments and posts about the event. All our photos are also on there – so why not tag all your team-mates and join the discussions. Is an Apex picture your profile pic yet?
Get ready for Autumn
The next Apex Challenge is sooner than you think, so now is the time to get planning. The incredible Apex Extreme will be taking place in West Yorkshire on 31st September – 2nd October. Although we’re increasing the number of team spaces available, the event is sure to be a sell-out once again, so make sure you’re prepared for when entries open at the start of September. Have a great summer, and we look forward to seeing you for more Apex action in October!

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