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Apex will be back

This isn’t how this weekend should have been. Hundreds of us should be running round the Bramham Park estate, completing as many activities as we can, cramming together in a marquee filled with music and flashing lights and sleeping under the stars in our tents. And right now there’s nowhere else we would rather be than there.

It feels really strange getting to the start of October and not being at the Apex Challenge. It’s a big part of our year and we know it’s the same for so many of you.
It’s still really hard for us to plan for the future. None of us know what’s going to happen with coronavirus, but we are determined that when it’s safe to do so, Apex will be back.
Our 2021 event is due to take place from 1-3 October at Bramham Park in West Yorkshire. We really hope by then that everything can go ahead as planned and we really hope that as many of you as possible can be there.

We are all still living with some form of restrictions. We know some of you are living in areas with even tighter rules than others. Wherever you are, keep in touch with your Scout groups in whatever ways you can over the next few months, stay safe and look after yourselves.
Apex will return.

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