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Apex team stage mock duck rescue activity


Members of the Apex Challenge team have spent the day supporting the Yorkshire Rose Challenge at Wentworth Castle in South Yorkshire. Dozens of Scouts took part in the Apex activity base at the three day event which this year had to cope with some very heavy downpours of rain.

Teams had to complete a daring mission to rescue as many rubber ducks as they could from a pond ‘contaminated’ by ‘poisonous algae’ within ten minutes. Extra points were available based on how many birds their recovered and how well they worked together as a team.
The task was made more difficult as teams had to balance across a one-metre high rope by holding on to another rope for stability. It was great to see so many of them working together to complete the task and although not all of them managed to stay on the tight-rope, the rain at least meant they had a softer landing!
There are some more pictures from the activity on our Facebook page as well as on the Yorkshire Rose Challenge website

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