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Apex Intense returns for second year

We’re pleased to announce that one of the most popular parts of last year’s Apex Extreme is returning for a second year. Teams will compete on Friday evening in the Apex Intense to kick start their points total for the weekend.

The game is based on the traditional Apex Challenge format of navigating around a set of controls to gather points, but with the added twist of trying to find your way through the darkness, while avoiding the Apex Chasers who are trying to steal your points.

Any that teams collect can be banked during the course of the event, meaning the competition’s curtain-raiser turns into a race against the clock and a race against the other teams taking part. There’s no theoretical limit to how many points you can gather, so it’s a great way to get a head start, right at the beginning of the weekend!

The whole event can be exhausting as the picture above proves. This was, without doubt, the team member who threw herself into this part of the event more than any other – sprinting repeatedly back and forth!

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