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All set for an incredible night


The Apex Challenge team is finalising a series of improvements to the overnight format, to make the next event at Sherwood Pines an even more intense adventure for those taking part.

400 young people from across the UK will be descending on this spectacular area of forest for the competition in April. It will be the fourth time the event has been held here, but some new ideas are set to make it even more special.

A brand new obstacle is being devised by the event’s engineering team which teams will need to cross before they can even start their six hour adventure in the forest. Then with brand new activity bases, and a revamped and retrained set of chasers, it will make it an unforgettable night.

Although we are still a fortnight away, the weather is looking like it might also be fairly intense for the competition, with low temperatures, strong winds and even a chance of more snow. So it’s crucial all teams taking part are properly prepared for this unique adventure event.

Don’t forget to check the full kit list before it’s too late – and head out for some last-minute shopping if you need to. It looks like any extra hats, gloves and coats you can lay your hands on will be very worthwhile.

We look forward to seeing you all in April!

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