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7 top tips for the Apex Challenge


So just how do you prepare for the a weekend as intense as the Apex Challenge? Well, with the event now just days away, we thought we’d share some top advice to help make you as prepared as possible for what might lie ahead…

Check your details

Login now to your personalised team site on the team list page and check all the details are fully filled in. This will speed up your registration when you get to the event, and ensure you can spend more time enjoying the Apex atmosphere before the challenges get underway.

Know your maps

This event will be using both standard 1:25000 Ordnance Survey maps and also specialist orienteering maps. The orienteering maps are much more detailed and use different symbols and colours to signify different things. So it’s worth checking some of the maps from previous events in other areas by looking at past results pages, and this will give you an idea of what to expect.

Look after your feet

This area has been pretty boggy over the last few weeks and its likely to stay that way. You will get wet feet, so bring plenty of spare socks and some other trainers to wear around Event Centre between each stage of the event. Happy feet = happy competitors!

Don’t go hungry

While the Apex Cafe will be keeping you fed and watered throughout the weekend, don’t forget that you need to bring your own packed lunch for the Saturday stage of the event. It’s also worth bringing a decent stash of snacks, chocolate, drinks etc to help you relax and recharge for other stages of the event.

Have the right kit

Make sure you check the official kit list and bring everything you need with you. Absolute essentials this year include decent footwear, a good torch and full waterproofs. And chocolate.


It’s much more fun that way. Simples.

Expect the unexpected

This event will be unlike any other Apex Challenge event, and you’ll be under pursuit every step of the way. Know your team, stay flexible, and think positive to have the best chance of winning. 

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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