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56mph wind confirmed at Apex site


It’s been confirmed that wind speeds reached at least 56mph over the Apex Challenge weekend, close to where almost 300 Explorer Scouts and members of the Scout Network were competing in one of the UK’s biggest Scout competitions.

The gust was measured during Saturday’s storm force conditions at the Reva reservoir, only a short distance from the Sconce site where the event was based throughout the three days. The wind there had died down somewhat by Sunday when Reva itself was used for part of the competition.

Many teams had to wrestle with their tents to keep them upright and staked in the ground due to the storm force winds and the main marquee which was on site throughout the event also had to be secured on several occasions to make sure it remained fixed in the ground.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped us cope with the difficult conditions, and to all the teams who took it in their stride and accepted it as part of the unique challenge that is the Apex Extreme.

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