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5 things to do right now to prepare for the Apex Challenge


It’s almost upon us, but there are things you can be doing right now to prepare for this weekend’s Apex Challenge.

Put up your tent

Yes, do it now. We always enjoying seeing bemused-looking people struggling to work out which pole goes where, but you could save yourself a lot of time, and a lot of red faces by trying it out now. Put it up in your Scout hut, in your garden or even in your bedroom – then you’ll look like a camping pro when you get to Harewood on Friday.

Start stashing sweets

Go around your house and rifle through the cupboards to see what chocolate bars and sweets you can start stashing in your bag. You’ll be grateful you did this by the time you’re on hour five of the Main Event on Saturday.

Know one end of a map from the other

Yes, you do need some basic map-reading skills at the Apex Challenge. You don’t need to be Ranulph Fiennes or Chris Bonnington, but knowing which way is north, and the difference between a river and a motorway on an OS map will certainly help!

Get your kit together

Best to start early with this. Make sure you’ve got everything on the kit list. Be aware you’re likely to get wet at some point so a couple of changes of clothes will be very welcome. Bring some spare trainers too. And crucially bring a few pounds with you so you can enjoy some drinks, snacks and sweets from the Apex tuck shop on Saturday night.

Get social

There will be loads of pictures and information about the event sent out via Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you like our page and follow us on Twitter before you set off to Harewood.
See you on Friday!

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