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24 hours to go!


The Apex Challenge team has just arrived at Event Centre in Bramhope, West Yorkshire to start getting ready for this weekend’s event. It’ll take us the next day and a half to set everything up for when you all arrive on Friday evening.

Most of you will probably be packing your bags tonight so we just wanted to remind you to check a couple of things. Make sure you’ve read through the kit list which tells you what you need to bring for the weekend. There are also directions to site to make sure you don’t get lost. And don’t forget we need a consent form for each member of every team taking part, even if you are over 18 and in the network competition.

You should arrive on Friday evening any time between 6:00pm and 10:00pm. There’ll be traffic marshals on duty and once you’ve parked or been dropped off, follow the signs to Event Centre. There’s plenty of space for camping and there’ll be members of the Apex Team around to show you where you can put your tents.

When all members of your team have arrived you can come to Event Centre to sign in and collect your welcome pack containing your event instructions and map. You’ll need to bring all your consent forms with you. It’s much easier for us if you turn up as individual teams with your own consent forms rather than several teams together with all your consent forms mixed up!

We’ll look forward to seeing you on Friday night!

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