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2007 T-shirt design revealed


Our designers have come up with an exclusive new design for the must-have 2007 Apex T-shirts which this year are in a stylish fern green colour.

The print incorporates the new “four-circle motif” that tries to sum up the essence of the Apex Challenge adventure through a series of symbols.

Only Scouts competing in the Autumn 2007 Apex Extreme will be able to order one of this year’s T-shirts which once again are available for the bargain price of just £5 each. You need to pre-order them when your team registers to take part in the event and you can then collect them on the first day of the event.

If you have already registered your team for the event without pre-ordering one then please contact us with details of your orders. There’ll be one or two spares available on the day, but to avoid disappointment make sure you pre-order yours on your team’s online entry form.

We’re able to offer you them at the fantastic price of just £5 thanks to Shawcross Printers of Wakefield who have agreed to make them up for us at a special rate. For technical reasons exact colour and design may vary slightly from those shown on computer graphics. Sizes described on the entry form are approximate.

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