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We are no longer planning any future competitions

After 20 years of organising adventure competitions we made the decision in 2022 that it was time to go out on a high, and no future competitions are planned.

We have kept this website online as an archive of all the events we enjoyed organising for teams to look back and relive their adventures.

Thanks for your interest in the Apex Challenge.


More about our next event

Any Scout aged between 14 and 25 on the day(s) of the competition can take part in the Apex Challenge. Each event has separate competitions for the Explorers (14-18) and Network (18-25) age groups. Entry is in teams of three or four and we expect to have around 400 competitors.

You can sign up your team online by entering all your details and securely paying by credit or debit card through PayPal. Just visit our next event page for details about when entries open. You can also join our mailing list to get all the latest Apex Challenge news as it’s announced. 

We realise that in different areas the transition from Explorers to the Scout Network is handled differently. We want to make sure you enter the age group most appropriate to you and your group. If you are part of an Explorers group and at least one of you will still be 17 or under on the last day of the competition then please enter the Explorers competition. Once all members of your team are 18 we would ask you to enter as a Network team instead.

Sorry but it is not possible to pay your entry fee by cheque. Using electronic payment is quicker and easier for teams registering and the team here managing the entries.

Unfortunately not. We need full payment for a team wishing to take part in the event to cover both their entry fee and any T-shirts ordered.

We are currently planning our next event as normal, but keeping up-to-date with all the latest advice to make sure the Apex Challenge can take place safely following national guidance. If the pandemic means the event has to be cancelled we will fully refund all entry fees and T-shirt orders which have been paid.

Once you have filled in the online entry form your team name will appear on the event’s team list page which also shows which teams’ payments have reached us.

The 2022 event is being held on the Bramham Park Estate in West Yorkshire. See the directions page for full details of the location and arrangements for arriving at the event.

We always choose event locations across the north of England which are easily accessible for teams travelling long distances. Inevitably they are in more rural areas to give us  suitable places for our more adventurous activities and they are often some distance from major motorways and primary routes.

You should arrive at the event car park on the evening of Friday 7 October. We realise teams may be travelling long distances so we are flexible with arrival times. Please try to arrive between 6pm and 9.30pm. Due to the high volume of event traffic, special parking arrangements will be in place. Please follow the signs and directions of our event marshals.

Teams will be free to leave by 4pm on Sunday 9 October after the final results presentation. If you’re being collected, please ask whoever is driving to follow the event signs and directions from our marshals and park in the main parking area close to Event Centre until you are ready to be collected.

Friday evening is a chance to sign in, pitch your tents and meet some of the other teams before a short night-time activity before bed. 

The main event is on Saturday when you will have a long day full of challenges and adventure followed by a chance to unwind at the Saturday Night Live in the main marquee.

On Sunday morning your team will tackle the Apex Adventure Race before the final results are announced. 

Read more about how the event works on the What is the Apex Challenge page.

It varies depending on the location of the event, for example canoeing clearly needs water! We don’t like to give away too much in advance to spoil the surprise but from the events we’ve organised in the past you can expect things like climbing, abseiling, canoeing, mountain biking and assault courses.

The kudos of winning such a popular and demanding competition as the Apex Challenge is the main reason most teams take part. Our winners leave with individual trophies and a banner marking their achievement to display at their Scout unit.

It is important every member of every team is properly kitted out for this tough event. Random spot checks of kit will be carried out during the weekend. Please check the kit list for details of everything you need.

Toilets and hand-washing facilities will be available in the camping area. There are no showers available on site. A fresh water supply is available at Event Centre.

The entry fee is really good value for a team of four. It pays for a full adventure challenge weekend including all camp fees, facilities, activities, equipment and safety cover. You also get all your food for the weekend except a packed lunch on Saturday and snacks for the weekend which you should bring yourself.

This is very important. EVERYONE needs to download and complete a consent form and hand it to us when they arrive, regardless of how old they are. See the consent form page where you can download forms for team members taking part and forms for adults attending but not competing. 

The responsibility for making sure everyone taking part complies with the Scout Association’s ‘Nights Away’ rules lies with the section leaders of those attending. Leaders need to make sure the necessary notification forms are completed and that the requirements of a Nights Away permit are met. If Explorers are attending without adult supervision, one of them will need an Event Passport.

Well behaved dogs are very welcome at the Apex Challenge but we must follow the rules of the sites we use. At Bramham Park, dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead because of the amount of livestock on the estate.

The Apex Challenge team is a group of Scout leaders, originally from Yorkshire, who wanted to put something back into Scouting by making events more modern and exciting. The aim is to stage the sort of event they would have enjoyed taking part in when they were younger, or even still want to take part in now. The organisers have formed a Scout Active Support unit with support from South Yorkshire Scout county. If you’re a leader or instructor who would like to help out, we’d love to hear from you so please contact us.

We’re sorry but no. The system needs to be fair to everyone so all teams need to have the same opportunity to register online from the same date.

Safety is, as always, the number one priority. We use qualified and experienced instructors on our activities and regularly work with the local mountain rescue teams when planning our events. The consent form of every competitor is thoroughly checked at the start of the event and we have a paramedic-led first aid team on hand throughout. We also follow national procedures for conducting DBS checks on adults helping with Apex Challenge events.

As part of the Scout Association, our events are covered by a policy which includes personal accident and medical expenses insurance and public liability insurance. However there is no insurance in place for loss or damage to competitors’ equipment or clothing. If you would like to insure for such eventualities, it is advised you get extended cover on your home insurance, or ask your Scout group about UK camp cover from Unity Insurance.

We aim to make the Apex Challenge as inclusive as possible and a wide range of young people have taken part in our events in the past. The event rules can be adapted for young people with specific additional needs to be able to join us. For example, we can assist with catering requirements, or finding ways for those with behavioural or physical difficulties to compete. Please contact us for details.

Catering is provided at all our events. Teams only need to bring a packed lunch for Saturday. The rest of the food is included in the entry fee. Unfortunately it would become too complicated for some teams to opt out and cater for themselves. Our menus are carefully planned for the number of people taking part and the fact that they will have had a busy day taking part in some strenuous activities. We will also make every effort to cater for special dietary requirements. We always recommend teams bring extra snacks with them and if you also wish to bring extra cooking facilities then please do.

Entry fees to Apex Challenge events are generally non-refundable. However, if we are able to find another team to take part in the competition in your place, we will be able to give you a refund. This depends on how close to the competition you pull out and whether other teams are able to take advantage of a last-minute place.

We design a new T-shirt each year and when we hold multiple events in that year the same T-shirt is available at each of them.

While some teams attend on their own, many group leaders also come to Apex events and are very welcome. You may just want to relax and unwind while we do all the organising, but if you’d like to help out there are many jobs we may ask you to get involved in from helping with activities, to photography, or joining the catering team. If you can help please contact us before the event. 

All competitors are responsible for their own possessions throughout the events. Please avoid bringing valuables with you. While we endeavour to return any ‘lost property’ we find to its rightful owner, we can’t accept responsibility for any lost or stolen personal items. 

If something is still unclear, please do contact us. We will try to reply to all emails within 48 hours.

20 years of creating unforgettable weekends of Scouting adventures.

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Apex Challenge organised events for the Scout Association between 2002 and 2022, following its rules and guidelines and was a registered charity.