5 days to go – get ready for Apex!

There are now just five days to go until Apex bursts into Temple Newsam near Leeds and you need to make sure you’re ready for this ultimate overnight adventure.

Make sure you check all the information online so you know what to bring, when to arrive and where you are going. All the details are here on the website:

  • Event details – full information about the weekend including when to arrive
  • Kit list – check off what you need to put in your bag
  • Directions – the last thing you want to do is get lost so print a copy out!
Most important is that EVERYONE arrives with a consent form filled in. Download your consent form now. It doesn’t matter if you are are Explorers or members of the Scout Network – you still need to complete a form and bring it with you. There are also adult information forms on the same page for leaders to fill in as well.
Unload your car, then head to the Event Centre to check in. Remember, you can only check in when you have consent forms for all members of your team, so if one of you will be late send it ahead with the rest of the team! Also, it really helps us if teams come to check in one by one, rather than as groups of two or three times with their paperwork all mixed together.
We can’t wait to see you all for a great weekend of adventure!

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