Apex team back together to celebrate Scouting year

Many members of the Apex Challenge team have got back together for the first time in more than a 12 months to celebrate the achievements made in Scouting during 2014. They were among more than 200 guests at the annual South Yorkshire County Scout Ball.

Event organisers David Pape and James Webster were joined by many of the behind the scenes technical team and supporters from the Barnsley district. Also at the event were many other activity base organisers who will be familiar faces to anyone who is a regular at our competitions.

During the evening they heard how the county’s Scouting activities are growing to meet demand from more and more young people and what plans there are to create even more places at Scout groups over the coming years.

Although there were no Apex Challenge competitions during 2014 to reflect on, it was a great chance to catch up with the team and talk through ideas for when Apex returns next year. Everyone said that while they had enjoyed the time to rest this year, they are looking forward to coming back to the Apex Challenge with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm.

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