Ideas for other events

Details of another event you might like to take part in have just been added to our Other Events page. We know that literally hundreds of you look forward to our legendary Apex Challenge competitions twice a year, but with another 50 weekends to pack with adventure and excitement we like to recommend other events that we know are great fun to take part in.

The Three Towers Hike is a team-based competition hiking event for Scouts, Explorers and adults, organised by Scouts from Berkshire. It’s got four routes of different lengths for different ages (from 25km up to 70km). The event takes place around the footpaths and byways near the Ridgeway in West Berkshire and is normally held in early April.

It’s just one of 11 events we’ve chosen to promote on our site, so if you’ve not visited the Other Events page then it’s worth a look to see if there are some on there near you which you might have missed out on in the past.

As for our next event, expect to hear news in the next few days about when we’ll be opening the entries for this autumn’s Apex Extreme!

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